#multipotentialite : an introduction.

My name is Kim, and I’m a multipotentialite.

I love mentoring people, and flying hot air balloons, and building houses in foreign countries, and making new friends, and driving up mountains, and working from a new place every day.

I love getting my hands dirty, whether it’s painting walls in a friend’s new house, turning wrenches on an engine, or pouring a concrete foundation for a school building in another country.

I love maps and exploring new places, and appreciate the value of great situational awareness. I love the geospatial tools that exist today, and the great potential they hold for solving problems in a whole new way. I love that almost anywhere is best viewed from the air, but best understood through the eyes of people that live there.

I love languages and the barrier-reducing laughter at my terrible American accent when a new friend teaches me a new phrase in their mother tongue. I love how we all have so much to learn from each other, and the power of saying “Can you teach me how do do that?”.

I love the challenge of looking at the big picture and seeing how all the pieces fit together into one fluid system or organizational structure. I love asking the question “How can we make this more effective / more holistic / a more positive experience for everyone?” I love looking at several different sides of a multi-faceted situation, trying to understand the unique qualities of each person’s perspective, and then working together toward a solution.

I love music, how it transcends different cultures and languages, reminding us that deep down, we are all the same. I love how my heart jumps from a great, soaring French Horn line, and how muscle memory kicks in to remember how to play my college fight song from what feels like a hundred years ago.

I love flying, no matter the aircraft, and the joy of a student’s first successful solo flight. I love pausing to appreciate and marvel at the sheer wonder of how aerodynamics and physics actually work to make this piece of metal / fiberglass / etc fly. What incredible vision and innovation has brought us this far! (Note: these thoughts are best reserved for higher altitude cruise, not on short final approach.)

I love learning new skills, whether it’s a new efficiency trick to streamline my Gmail inbox, or successfully editing the code for an update on a client’s website. I love the sweet small feeling of victory when an Excel formula works the way you hoped it would, or when you receive a state certificate saying you’re officially an independent business owner. I love the challenge of adapting to an unexpected situation, putting one foot in front of the other in a brand new direction.

I love conversations with old friends – especially over brunch – and the encouragement that comes from being known, understood, and cared for. I love passing that same encouragement on to others, being a listening ear, or simply asking “How can I help?”. I love creating a positive culture of teamwork and value, ensuring that my coworkers feel appreciated for their hard work and contributions to the greater good.

I believe that our differences make us stronger as a whole, and that we each have a unique role to play in this wonderful world of ours. We each have so much to offer, if we are only willing to show up, lean in, and be seen.

So here’s to the next new adventure. I hope you’ll join me in viewing each day as a great day to learn something new, and invite a friend along for the ride.

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